Earth Moving Equipment

CAPACITY: 21 Yards
HEAP: 14
TIRES: 29.5×29

CAPACITY: 26 Yards
HEAP: 20
TIRES: 29×27

With over 90 years of combined experience in engineering, manufacturing, and sales of elevating and pull scrapers, Humdinger Equipment, LTD, is proud to introduce H Series heavy duty construction grade pull scrapers. Our tractor towed pull scrapers have been proven to reduce costs and increase efficiency over traditional self-propelled scraper or truck and excavator earth moving equipment systems; proving themselves in a variety of construction, mining and agricultural applications. At Humdinger, our construction grade pull scraper was developed using state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing – we ensure that quality, value and performance are built into every machine.

455- Humdinger Equipment Ltd introduces the first construction grade farm implement of its kind. The 455 Chain Disc Harrow is designed to provide the farming industry with the life and quality of construction grade equipment at a price of farm implement. 

We ensure that quality, value and performance are built into every machine. The 455 CDH is the most useful tool for farming rice, corn, wheat, beans, milo and sunflowers

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Tana compactors are the only purpose-built waste compactors on the market. The present Tana E Series landfill compactors are a result of long-term product development and proven solutions which bring remarkable benefits to the user. Tana compactors are packed with unique features which set them apart from other compactors on the market. Read more about our full-width twin-drum construction, rigid frame construction and crushing teeth.

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