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Pull scraper, pull pan, dirt pan, pan scraper, tractors and pans, trucks and pans, and many more are all name variations of our scraper. Regardless of what you call it, Humdinger scrapers deliver results.

Humdinger pull scrapers are designed with purpose and the intent to improve your bottom line. New models are extensively tested in the field to ensure quality and durability.


Experience groundbreaking efficiency with our advanced earth-moving system. Enjoy significantly lower fuel, labor, and operating costs compared to traditional methods. Our 20,000-hour commercial design minimizes total ownership costs, while a high struck-to-heaped ratio ensures consistent, profitable loads every pass. Flexible train configurations allow your fleet to grow with your projects.

Proudly designed, manufactured, and serviced in the USA, our system guarantees unmatched quality and reliability for all your needs.

Designed to improve your bottom line.

Weight distribution is 25/75% tractor/scraper to maximize tractor longevity. The tractor tow model is best for light soils and high moisture content soils.

The gooseneck hitch allows for the scraper to be pulled with an articulated dump truck. Existing equipment may be utilized and this eliminates the cost of an additional pulling unit.

To provide you with the most versatility, all of our scrapers are equipped with tandem hitches. 22 yard scrapers can be pulled in single, double, or triple configurations. 28 and 31 yard scrapers can be pulled as a single or in a double configuration.

  • Built from years of scraper knowledge
  • Versatile earthmoving for all jobs: site preparation, agriculture, road building, mining, land development, coal processing, and more.
  • Peak performance in all conditions: Sand, topsoil, clay, coal, silt, loam, hardpan, gypsum, granite, and more.
  • Each job poses unique obstacles. Our engineering group is capable of providing unique solutions., Ask us about customizations.
  • Current models: 622E, 628E, 631E, 631E ADT
  • 622 – Train configurations are recommended for bulk earthwork and mining applications. Single scrapers may be used for agriculture and land leveling.
  • 628 – Recommended for smaller job sites due to a more maneuverable size while still moving large amounts of dirt per pass.
  • 631 – Proficient on longer haul roads and large yardage job sites.


Why should I choose a pull scraper over a motor scraper?

Pull scrapers have lower labor, fuel, maintenance, and operating costs – Hiring an experienced operator for a self-propelled scraper can be costly. A pull scraper system also only has one motor to maintain and fuel (the pulling unit).

Can I push load the scraper?

Yes, Humdinger scrapers have been rigorously tested in the field and can withstand the stress of push loading. Push blocks are incorporated into our design to aid in smoother loading.

What types of equipment can I used to pull a Humdinger scraper?

The tractor towed hitch is a straight hitch that can be compatible with John Deere, Case IH, Fendt, New Holland, Challenger, or any other tractor brand. The ADT gooseneck hitch integrates with an articulated dump truck after the bed is removed.

Should I use a larger yard capacity single scraper or a train of smaller pull pans?

Single larger yard capacity scrapers are ideal for an operation that has a wide variety of larger job sites. They are great for long haul roads and moving large amounts of dirt in one pass.

Can Humdinger help train operators?

Yes, Humdinger Equipment and our network of dealers can assist in training scraper operators.

Why 2 tires?

Two tires are economically friendly and provide the needed ground flotation to work in all soil conditions.

Is Humdinger able to meet my servicing needs for getting parts to my job site?

Yes, Humdinger scrapers are designed, manufactured, and serviced in Texas. Our service team can overnight any needed parts to get you up and going as soon as possible.

How much effort is it to convert an ADT into a scraper hauler?

For the initial truck conversion set-up, it takes a crew approximately 20 man hours to complete the truck conversion. Subsequent set-ups are considerably faster, at 8 hours. All modifications are 100% reversible.

How do I know it will work in my soil?

Humdinger scrapers work in any soil condition. If you want to see how our pans perform in your specific environment, schedule a demo with us.

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