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WSWRA Annual Conference | Casper, Wyoming | August 19th-22nd

Pennsylvania SWANA 2024 Conference | Harrisburg, Pennsylvania | September 4th-5th

North Carolina SWANA 2024 Conference | Wilmington, North Carolina | September 9th – 11th

South Dakota SWMA Annual Conference | Sioux Falls, South Dakota | September 18th-20th

Iowa Recycling & Solid Waste Fall Conference | Waterloo, Iowa | October 7th

SW Virginia Solid Waste Show | TBA

Indiana Hoosier SWANA 2024 Conference | TBA

Ohio SWANA 2024 Conference | TBA

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About Us

Humdinger Equipment’s heritage began in 1979 designing, manufacturing, and selling Caterpillar Elevating Tractors and Scrapers. The founder’s first twenty-four years of professional experience provided the basic designing and manufacturing techniques and it world-class service approach being utilized on the equipment manufactured and sold by Humdinger Equipment.

Today, Humdinger Equipment designs, manufactures, and sales the highest performing earth moving, waste management, and recycling equipment in the world. We are committed to providing the best equipment and customer service available. Striving to meet customer needs is our focus. Our slogan is “designed to improve your bottom line”, meaning everything we do as a company should result in our customers achieving greater financial results.

Our manufacturing facility in Lubbock, Texas, provides a fully comprehensive and flexible service where we can undertake manufacturing contracts to customers own drawings and specification. Our expertise has been relied upon to deliver a diverse range of contract manufacturing projects. With a large and well-equipped manufacturing facility coupled with a skill base encompassing materials preparation, steel fabrication, machining, welding, fitting & assembly, and surface treatment – we can offer a ’one stop shop’ for all your custom manufacturing needs, whether that is a one-off requirement or a large value contract.

We are a team of individuals that take pride in the work we do and the value we offer. We promise to do right by our customers and provide a level of customer service we believe you deserve. Our customers matter to us and we work hard to raise the standards of service and support provided in these industries. We understand that each customer has a unique set of obstacles that they must overcome, and we take pride in our ability to work beside them to offer the best solutions available.